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We are on sale here: 

Kinesiology practice Odile Meury

La Clé des Champs 6

2515 Prêles (BE)

(Only during a session or by appointment)


Kinesiology practice Kinesab

Sabrina Tribolet

Chemin des plantes

2520 La Neuveville (BE)

(Only during a session)

Chez Cathy

Grand Rue 25

2606 Corgémont (BE)

(According to opening hours)


Institut Belle au réveil

Laura Castellani

Châtellenie 23

2072 St-Blaise (NE)

(Only during a session)

Le petit atelier-boutique

Sous Banbois 9

2515 Prêles (BE)

(Selon horaire d'ouvertures)

Paroz Fleurs.jpg


Gare 2

2710 Tavannes

(According to opening hours)

FestiShop - Vrac

Grand Rue 15

2710 Tavannes (BE)

(According to opening hours)

Patricia Rebetez.jpg

Maud coiffure et massage
Maud Humair Pellaton & Patricia Rebetez
Passage de la Poste 1
2714 Les Genevez (JU)

(According to salon opening hours and during your massage sessions)

Centre Sol'Âm - Chez Nathalie

Rue du Cairli 13

2603 Péry (BE)

(During your massage sessions or during your B&B stay)

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-01 at 17.43_edited.jpg

Institut de beauté Florence

Grand Rue 14

2616 Renan (BE)

(According to opening hours)

What shopkeeper has never wanted to have an original product to stand out from his neighbours? With O'Natur'Elo products, it's done. Whether you have a gift shop, a beauty salon, a hair salon, a bulk or organic shop, a flower shop or a decoration shop, O'Natur'Elo has a multitude of products to complete your assortment and allow you to make additional sales. As a manufacturer/wholesaler, we offer you advantageous conditions for reselling our products. If you would like to meet us and obtain more information, please do not hesitate to contact me. or +41 79 316 27 79

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