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Change your life !


This service is only available in French. Thank you for your understanding. 


What if I offered you a change of life? 


To feel useful?

To be happier?

To be more fulfilled?

To be healthier?

Find your dream job?

Have new experiences?

Achieve your goals?

Find meaning in your life?

To have a better organised home?

To free yourself from the wounds of your past?

To have more sincere friendships or love relationships?

To find your Ikigai (Joy of living and reason for being in Japanese)?

To have a life more in line with your personal aspirations?


Would you say that you are not interested? 

I am currently working very hard to train myself and to provide you with a wonderful personalized coaching. 


I can't wait to be able to use all my knowledge to help you move forward and


your dream life!


I am currently acquiring as much knowledge as possible in the following areas 

- Positive psychology (already graduated in 2021)

- Aromatherapy (already graduated in 2022)

- Nutrition (already graduated in 2022)

- Ayurveda (already graduated in 2023)

- Yoga (already graduated in 2023)

- NLP (already graduated in 2023)

- Traditional Chinese medicine

- Lithotherapy

- Naturopathy

- Phytotherapy

- Art therapy

- Kinesiology

- Iridology

- Feng Shui

- Meditation

- Astrology

- Coaching

- Reiki



Thanks to all this, I hope to be able to accompany you in your life change. 


To move towards a better life, happier and more in tune with yourself and the nature that surrounds you. And above all in excellent health!

Click on the images to read the description of the therapies:

Positive sentences

Click on the image and scroll, there are more than 500 to motivate you!

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