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Palo Santo

Palo Santo

Palo Santo sticks per pack of 3 sticks.


Purify your interior with this sacred wood. It is reputed to be one of the hardest woods.


The origin of the use of Palo Santo is very old; it was used by the Inca shamans in religious rituals, as a tool to attract luck and ward off any signs of negativity, and as a means to obtain better spiritual communication with their gods. This tree is also present in indigenous wedding rituals. The couple must plant a shoot of this tree in the absence of witnesses in order to bind their destinies and make their union last forever.


In lithotherapy, palo santo is used to recharge or purify selenite supports. These supports are used in lithotherapy to recharge or reinforce the effects of the various stones used.


When burnt, it releases an odorous smoke which, according to certain beliefs, has many purifying virtues against evil spirits, energies and negative forces. Palo Santo is used by healers and shamans during certain rituals. It is still used today as incense by indigenous peoples and in the West, where it is sold commercially. The aroma of palo santo is sweet and woody. The fragrance of palo santo evokes a mixture of incense, atlas cedar, sweet grass, lemon, eucalyptus, with a subtle hint of mint.


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