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My cleaning stone" pack

My cleaning stone" pack

Clay stone is a powerful cleaner made from 100% natural elements, which is as environmentally friendly as possible. It is safe to use, unlike chemical cleaning products. In addition to cleaning all hard, water-washable surfaces, claystone degreases and shines. This multi-purpose product is easy to make at home. That's why O'Natur'Elo offers you a pack containing the ingredients and an aluminium container to make your own cleaning stone. How easy is that?


The complete pack contains :


1 Aluminium container of 100g

White clay

Bicarbonate of soda

Liquid black soap

1 Recipe


To add :

A little water


Also available, the cleaning stone refills.

Contains only clay, sodium bicardonate and black soap!


But what surfaces does it clean?

Various surfaces: tiles, acrylic, stainless steel

All metals: silver, chrome, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, tin

Jewellery where it acts as a real renovator.

Cooking hobs, especially glass-ceramic hobs


Windows and panes on which it will not leave any grease.


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